Kids & Youth


 At The Vine, we partner with parents to help kids and youth discover God’s great love for them and learn how to follow Jesus for a lifetime. At our Sunday services, we offer kids ministry for babies through 6th grade.


 What Will My Child Experience?

Little Ones (Ages 0 - 3)

Our goal is to provide an environment where babies and toddlers feel comfortable and can explore and play. Our Little Ones room is led by caring staff members who are focused on making sure children are cared for, loved, and accepted. Little Ones enjoy a circle time where they sing songs, hear an interactive Bible story, and engage in games and crafts related to the story.

Vine Kids (Ages Pre-K – 2nd Grade)

Pre-K - 2nd grade children begin to discover the love of their Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus, as they interact with the great stories of the Bible through hands-on storytelling materials, engaging crafts, games, and singing.

Vine Kids (3rd – 6th Grade)

We seek to give 3rd-6th graders a sense of belonging and community, as well as to help them to begin to learn how to follow Jesus in their daily lives. On Sunday mornings, kids read Bible passages and stories together and begin to learn how to live life with God as their good shepherd.

Youth (Jr. High – High School)

Middle school and high school students are invited to worship with their families during our Sunday worship services. Age-specific opportunities are available beyond Sundays. We want to be a place where students can find support and encouragement, and most importantly, grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus.

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First Time With Us?

On your first visit, our greeters will show you where our kids rooms are located. We will ask you to fill out some registration information and then introduce you and your child to our staff and volunteers, as well as to some new friends.

How Does Check In Work?

We use a three-part sticker system to make sure that children can only be picked up by the person who checked them in.  Our check-in stickers contain three parts—each part will have your child’s unique ID number printed on it as well as some other basic information. One part of the sticker goes on our attendance sheet, one part is worn by the child as a nametag, and one part stays with you. Please bring your sticker with you when you come to check your child out as we will check to make sure that sticker ID numbers match before we release a child. Parents are welcome to come and check their kids out before Communion if they would like their kids to participate in Communion. Vine Kids is available until 11:45. If you would like your child to return to Vine Kids after the service is over so you can mingle over coffee, please bring them back to the room and reapply your check in stickers.

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What About Safety?

We are so glad you asked! Ensuring kids’ physical and emotional safety is a top priority. We know you wouldn't leave your kids with just anyone. Each staff member and volunteer go through a background screening, interview, and reference check and we always have at least two adults in each room with the kids. In addition, we take great care to create a fun, accepting, and loving environment for the kids.

Wellness Policy

In an effort to keep everyone healthy, please keep your child at home if he or she has any of the following symptoms or if your child is an any other way contagious: a harsh cough or large amounts of yellow or green nasal discharge, fever within 24 hours, vomiting within the last 24 hours, diarrhea within the last 24 hours, unidentified rash, open or weeping sores, lethargic behavior (if your child seems to not be feeling well), head lice. If your child becomes ill or if we observe any of the above symptoms while he or she is in our care, we will contact you immediately. In addition, if a medical situation or illness arises that requires medical attention (beyond a little boo boo), we will contact you immediately. If a life-threatening illness or injury occurs, we will notify you immediately and contact emergency services.

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